128X128 LCD Graphic Display

128X128 LCD Graphic Display

Number of pixels:128*128
Built-in controller:ST7571
Driving method:1/128 DUTY, 1/9 BIAS
power supply:11.8V

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128X128 LCD graphic display

Description of 128X128 LCD graphic display ADG128128A2



Number of pixels


Display type:


Built-in controller


Driving method

1/128 DUTY, 1/9 BIAS

power supply


Connector type





128X128 LCD graphic display ADG128128A2 IS A 6 O’CLOCK COG display. The dimension is 62*61mm with COG+FPC connection. 128X128 LCD graphic display ADG128128A2 is 1/128 DUTY, 1/9 BIAS. The driving controller is ST7571.

Outline dimension of 128X128 LCD graphic display ADG128128A2




1.How do you select a touch screen technology?

The four most common touch screen technologies are: resistive, infrared, capacitive, and SAW
(surface acoustic wave). Resistive and capacitive touch screen technologies are the most popular
for industrial and small format applications. If the application requires that operators wear gloves
when using the touch screen, then resistive is preferred over capacitive. Generally, capacitive
technology offers better optical and touch performance, including multiple touch, but is more
expensive than its resistive counterpart.


2.What is Chip-On-Glass (COG)?

Chip-On-Glass is the mounting of the LCD IC directly onto the ledge of the LCD glass itself.
The IC is bonded with an anisotropic conductive film (ACF), which facilitates the mechanical
adhesion, as well as the conduction from the IC to the glass.


3.Most LCD controllers can be interfaced by what?

Common drivers and segment drivers are the two unique types of driver ICs. common drivers
produce signals to create rows or numbers of lines. Segment drivers produce signals to create the
characters or columns.


The controller IC receives data written in ASCII or JIS code from the MPU. This data in stored
in RAM and is then converted into serial character patterns and transferred to the LCD driver IC.


The most commonly used in monochrome graphic and newer TFT LCD modules, the driver/controller IC receives data from the MPU and stores it in RAM. This IC also accepts commands directly from the MPU for both the common and segment drivers.



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