What is the difference between LCD and LED?

- May 08, 2018 -

LCD and LED are two  completely different concepts. LCD is a LCD screen for display; LED is a  light source device for lighting; the confusion of these two concepts  is caused by irresponsible domestic TV manufacturers. Propaganda: In fact, the so-called LED TVs are relative to CCFL TVs and refer to LCD backlights. The  liquid crystal itself does not emit light and requires an additional  light source to light up; traditional liquid crystals use CCFLs as  backlight sources, ie, compact energy-saving lamps; now LEDs can be used  as backlight sources, and thus LED televisions are available. The  OLED is the same as the LCD. The OLED is an organic light emitting  diode, which can be used for displaying. If the OLED is used, it does  not need a backlight. It itself emits light and colors, and can replace  the LCD. Currently, the OLED is used in mobile phone screen display ( Such as ultra-thin mobile phones, large-screen display of OLED has not yet been commercialized.

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