How to buy LCD screen

- May 08, 2018 -

  1. First select the size of theLCD screen, the general standard 17  inches, 34 inches, in fact, when the factory is not so big, the factory  set the default value for you is a smaller area on the screen

    lcd screen

  2.   The relationship between the LCD monitor size and the optimal  resolution, say, if you choose a 15-inch LCD monitor, you must accept a  resolution of 1024 x 768 because the screen will be clear only at this  resolution. Then  you have to consider whether you should choose 17-inch and 19-inch LCD  monitors, otherwise you will have to endure all kinds of defects such as  font blurring, ghosting, and picture distortion at non-optimal  resolutions, as well as the slowness of the game and the inability to  watch TV. Complete display and other issues.

  3. The response time of the liquid crystal display Because the liquid  crystal itself is various, plus the standard of test response time is  not uniform, the test method is very complicated, so actually the  industry has not a very strict reference standard for the important  parameter of response time, Consumers can only rely on official information and cannot judge by their own tests. In  general, the response time of a liquid crystal display includes a rise  time and a fall time. The rise time is the time from power-on until the  liquid crystal molecules completely reverse to the maximum angle, that  is, the time from when the power is applied until the signal display is  normal, and the fall time is the opposite. Therefore, the response time is actually the overall reaction time of the entire liquid crystal movement. The direct reflection of the long response time LCD on the screen is  that the performance of the moving picture is relatively vague, which  greatly affects the fun of playing games and watching the video discs.

  4. The viewing angle of the liquid crystal display includes two indicators  of horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle. The horizontal  viewing angle means that the vertical normal line of the display (ie,  the vertical imaginary line in the middle of the display) prevails. The  display image can still be normally seen at a certain angle on the left  or right of the line. This angle range is the horizontal viewing angle  of the LCD monitor. Similarly, if the horizontal normal line prevails,  the upper and lower viewing angles are called vertical. View angle.

  5. Selection of LCD Interfaces Currently, the interfaces of the mainstream  LCD monitors on the market are generally the traditional 15-pin D-Sub.  Some products also have D-Sub and DVI interfaces. Judging from the development trend, the digitization of the liquid  crystal display interface is an inevitable direction of development.

  6. Selection of after-sales services and brands The advanced circuit  structure and highly integrated design of LCDs have significantly  improved the failure rate relative to CRT monitors, and the repair rate  is much lower than that of the latter. But  also because of the special structural features of the LCD monitor,  once the circuit fails, you can't easily commission the appliance repair  shop to repair the CRT monitor. Under  normal circumstances, once the circuit failure occurs in the liquid  crystal display, it can only be returned to the factory for repair.  Therefore, after-sales service is particularly important. At this point,  well-known brands are more trustworthy and have a 3-year warranty. Don't try to choose cheaper products that don't guarantee after-sale service.

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