How to choose liquid crystal display

- Jun 12, 2018 -

The competition of LCD monitors is becoming increasingly fierce. Ever since the birth of computers and televisions in the world, people have always been pursuing a more perfect visual enjoyment. In recent years, liquid crystal display has completely replaced the bulky CRT display, and LED LCD has become the mainstream display device nowadays. Almost all of the display devices on the market have been made of liquid crystal materials. The naked eye looks like the quality of the liquid crystal displays of each brand does not seem to be much of a difference. In fact, the LCD display has a different quality.

So, as consumers, how to choose LCD?

Jingshi put forward the following suggestions for consumers: the price factor is important, but consumers should remember that they pay the same price. The choice of LCD should follow the three principles: good color, good quality and good service. First is the color, the non wood high-end LCD display board different from the low end of the LCD panel can only show 6 bits of color, but use FRC technology to make each base color 8 bits, that is, 2 of the 8 square =256 colors, and the maximum color of the pixel can be 256*256* 256=16777216 color, making the screen more color. It's gorgeous and the sense of hierarchy is more abundant. Next is the panel, as a domestic LCD expert, the non wood display is the IPS panel, breaking through the highest visual angle of 170 in the country, up to 176, and providing a more perfect visual experience for the players. In addition, the non wood display has also hit the domestic AA Class 0 bad points, and the contrast is as high as 150000:1. The level, technology and cost performance of non wood products are all better than that of LCD products. And now the liquid crystal display market service is also very poor, many consumers in the online shop to buy products in the return and maintenance, have encountered such difficulties, and a few can like our non wood so promise to reimburse the maintenance cost of the brand? Our non wood brand is the attitude of after-sales service, or after sale technology. Support, adhering to the principle of "the customer is God", makes every effort to satisfy the customers, while enjoying the perfect picture quality, and enjoying the perfect service.

Looking at the LCD market, everything looks beautiful. However, as long as a little from the color, quality and service three aspects of comparison, we can find the gap between different brands, whether it is a line of liquid crystal products, second line liquid crystal products or non wood liquid crystal products, the most important is to choose the most cost-effective products for their own.


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