How to deal with lcd LCD module flower screen

- Aug 13, 2018 -

How to deal with lcd LCD module flower screen?


Since many engineers are initially exposed to or are developing RCD LCD modules, they occasionally encounter liquid crystal display screens. Huaping, mainly due to interface or circuit abnormalities caused by display streaks or noise.

Jingshi summarized the following experiences for this situation (in practical applications, you can refer to these processes to gradually eliminate):

   The first trick: check whether the connection between the LCD LCD module and the motherboard interface is loose. Poor contact leads to the appearance of "clutter" and "noisy" patterns, which are the most common phenomenon.

  The second measure: Check under what circumstances the motherboard and the LCD LCD module appear, for example: strong electromagnetic interference, how many volts?

  The third measure: check whether the interface between the main board and the LCD LCD module is reversed, and the order is consistent according to the drawing order.

  The fourth measure: ask the supplier for help

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