How to handle the LCD module flower screen?

- Jun 15, 2018 -


Because a lot of engineers at the very beginning contact or research and development use LCD liquid crystal module, occasionally will encounter the liquid crystal display flower screen phenomenon. Flower screen is mainly due to abnormal interface or circuit to cause stripes or variegated colors.

Xiamen crystal view summed up the following experiences in view of this situation.

First: check whether the connection between LCD LCD module and motherboard interface is loose. The "flower clutter" and "heterozygous" flower screen are the most common phenomena caused by poor contact.

The second recruit: check the motherboard and LCD LCD module under what circumstances, such as: strong electromagnetic interference, how many volts?

The third step: check whether the interface between the motherboard and the LCD LCD module is reversed, and whether the order is consistent with the drawing sequence.

Fourth: ask the supplier for help

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