How to improve the brightness of LCD display?

- Feb 11, 2018 -

LCD display module will be used in many places, here is the LCD display with a backlight as a luminous body, so the high brightness means that the LCD display for their working environment to engage in higher interference ability. Because the LCD display is a passive type display. This is especially important for LCD monitors. In order to meet the needs of the display, only through the backlight to improve the display brightness. However, the backlight utilization is generally low. Assume that the light incident on the light guide plate is 100%. Lost 40% in its light guide, 36% loss in the lower polarizer, 18% loss in the cell and 1% loss in surface reflection, the LCD shows less than 5% of the light from the LGP.

Thus, how to improve the efficiency of the use of light, how to make the LCD display presents a bright and vivid image of the LCD display industry is a big problem. We will highlight the LCD as a special type of new LCD display. LCD from the working principle that the LCD device is displayed by the backlight emitted light through the polarizer and the liquid crystal cell, by controlling the transmission intensity, that is, the optical switch to achieve the display. Therefore, the brightness of the LCD is determined by the transmittance of the polarizer, the liquid crystal cell (LCD transmittance) and the color film (transmittance of CF), and the brightness of the backlight itself. Therefore, to improve the brightness of the LCD should start from three aspects:

(1) improve the transmittance of the LCD itself, especially the aperture ratio of the TFT pixel and the switching ratio of the liquid crystal.

(2) improve the light transmittance of all materials.

(3) increase the brightness of the backlight.

To achieve these effects, the solution is:

(1) increase the number of lamps, increase the light source power. But it will lead to large power consumption, increased size.

(2) Think of a way from the perspective of the light guide plate, which mainly puts forward higher requirements on the material and design of the light guide plate.

(3) Consideration from the reflection film behind the lamp and the reflection sheet below the light guide plate improves the reflection efficiency and increases the reflection brightness.

(4) increase the prism film and brightness enhancement film.

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