LCD display history, status quo and trends

- Feb 11, 2018 -

It is the most important application of liquid crystal, liquid crystal display with the birth of liquid crystal has experienced a long road to development. LCD display As early as 1888-89, Austrian botanist F. Reinitzer and his German physicist discovered the first liquid crystal material, and in the 1920s more than 300 kinds of liquid crystals were synthesized and completed to date Smectic, nematic and cholesteric phases. Since 30 years, many physicists have carried out the research on the physical properties of liquid crystal, revealing the anisotropic properties of liquid crystal and the phase change of nematic liquid under the action of external field for the first time and their threshold characteristics. These work laid the foundation for the application of liquid crystal display A good foundation .60 first half of the United States found the principle of LCD display, in 1968 published in the publication of nematic liquid crystal dynamic scattering display principle and display prototype. The first LCD liquid crystal display appeared in 1971, the original TN-LCD (twisted nematic liquid crystal display). In the early 1980s, a large number of TN-LCD products were on the market, mainly used as watches, clocks, computers, telephones , Fax machines and general household appliances digital display, the current simple matrix-driven TN-type products to small size black and white text display LCD-based.

1984 Europe and the United States proposed STN-LCD super twisted nematic liquid crystal display), also proposed TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) technology, but not yet mature enough. In the late 1980s, Japan mastered the mass production technology of STN-LCD, and the LCD industry started to leapfrog development. Japan in 1993 also mastered the TFT-LCD production technology, LCD began to low-cost, low-cost direction on the one hand, then DSTN-LCD (double super twisted nematic) was born; the other hand, LCD display to the high-end thin film transistor TFT- LCD development. In 1997, Japan became the third generation TFT-LCD production line with a large substrate size of 550mm × 700mm. During this period, South Korea and Taiwan began to intervene in the field of LCD production. Mainland enterprises in China introduced the production line to produce TN-LCD.

China began to study LCD in 1969, but the scale of production started late. At present, although our country is the largest producer of TN-LCD in the world, we are one step behind in the raw material technology and production technology. In East Asia, it gradually developed into a major producer of LCD display in the world. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan of China are at the forefront. In recent years, with the deepening of China's reform and opening up and the accession to the WTO, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have already transferred most of their STN production lines and some of their TFT production lines to mainland China. Several advanced TFT production lines have been put into operation in mainland China. However, LCD display the production of technology, technology and some of the raw materials of the patent is still in the hands of Japan or a few other countries, which is the LCD industry in China unfavorable factors.

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