LCD module in the storage and processing need to pay attention to what?

- Feb 11, 2018 -

LCD module now in many industries will also use it, especially in the electronics industry is widely used, but also played a great help to the electronics industry. Today, Xiaobian for everyone to talk about the LCD module in the storage and handling need to pay attention to? Take a look:

- Module handling precautions

1, the soldering iron temperature: 280 ± 10 ℃ welding time: <3-4S; welding materials: eutectic type, low melting point; repeat welding shall not exceed 3 times. The main thing is hard to press the display area, will have abnormal display, then disconnect the power, wait a moment, re-power, that is back to normal.

2, the LCD module's external leads will never allow the wrong, or may cause over-current, over-voltage and damage to the module device.

3, When the module is connected to the power supply and disconnected from the power supply, the signal level must be input after the positive power supply (5 ± 0.25V) is steadily connected. Inputting the signal level before or after the power is stable may damage the IC circuit of the module.

- Module storage precautions: If the long-term (such as a few years) storage, we recommend the following ways:

1, Strictly avoid stored in the environment beyond the limit temperature and humidity conditions, and never press anything on the surface.

2, into the polyethylene pocket (preferably anti-static coating) and the mouth sealed. Then place the dark place, avoid glare.

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