LCD module will be used in many places

- Feb 11, 2018 -

LCD module will be used in many places, the use of a very wide range. However, we all know that a qualified liquid crystal display module may sometimes fail due to improper use, improper conditions, unqualified fittings or improper installation methods. The reasons and solutions are as follows:

- Irregular irregularities show exclusion

Confusion caused by the display may be: dangling back electrode, driven by DC, power fluctuations, poor contact, such as battery depletion. Can be excluded according to different reasons.

- Vague display of exclusion

After the assembly appears should not display the pen is also vaguely revealed, so can not read, the reason may be: lead between unclean. LCD module Wipe with a dry cloth. The weather is too wet, the glass surface conductive. After the indoor drying can be restored. Public electrode or segment electrode dangling, re-install reliable, you can eliminate. Exchange square wave amplitude asymmetry, resulting in extinguished deadline, adjust the square wave amplitude can be solved. Conductive rubber stripes are not correct, not parallel, poor insulation properties, replace the conductive rubber strip can be.

- Contrast excluded

Contrast is poor, or negative, or show confusion, or all show, usually due to the back electrode dangling, can be ruled out.

- Discontinued display exclusion

Disorders, can not be adjusted, showing intermittent. The reason is the power supply voltage is not normal, the battery runs out, this time need to change the battery.

- Confusion shows the exclusion

External interference may also cause confusion in the display, to eliminate interference.

- "writing" excluded

A few hours or days, the electrode discoloration appears black, brown "handwriting", the cell bubble, so that can not be displayed. This is due to the driving voltage DC component is too large, causing electrochemical anti-blood caused. Check the circuit, remove the excessive DC components, LCD module put on the new LCD module can be. When the "writing" has just appeared, the liquid crystal display device can be heated to above the storage temperature, even if the liquid crystal display module all display black, stop warming, natural cooling, you can generally get rid of "handwriting."

- All shows excluded

Decoder is normal, but all pixels are displayed. Back electrode is generally not connected well, dangling or back electrode access to DC.

The reasons for the lack of stroke display and its exclusion

Electrode lead contamination, resulting in poor assembly contact. Conductive rubber contamination, resulting in poor assembly contact. LCD module The above two items need only be cleaned and reassembled. Do not touch the cleaned parts after assembly. Broken glass edge scratches the outer lead conductive layer. Assembly pressure frame is not suitable.

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