Use and maintenance of lcd module

- Jul 03, 2018 -


1) When the module is connected to the power supply and disconnected from the power supply, it must be performed according to the timing of the diagram. That is, it must be input at the positive power supply (5 ± 0.25V) to input the signal level. If the signal level is input before the power supply is stably connected or disconnected, the integrated circuit in the module will be damaged and the module will be damaged.

2) The dot matrix module is a high-channel liquid crystal display device, which displays contrast, viewing angle and temperature, and has a large relationship with the driving voltage. Therefore, Vee should be adjusted to the best contrast and viewing angle. If Vee is too high, it will not only affect the display, but also the life of the display device.

3) When used at the lower limit of the specified operating temperature range, the display response is very slow. When used at the upper limit of the specified operating temperature range, the entire display surface will turn black. This is not damage, and the temperature range can be restored to normal.

4) Pressing the display part hard will produce an abnormal display. Just turn off the power and re-access it to resume.

5) When the surface of the liquid crystal display device or module is fogged, do not work on the power supply, because the electrode will react chemically and break the wire.

6) Residual images will be produced when exposed to sunlight and strong light for a long time.

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