What are the advantages of LCD?

- Jun 06, 2018 -


Thin LCD monitor saves space

Compared with CRT displays that are relatively bulky, LCD monitors require only one-third of the space in the former.

Liquid crystal display saves power, does not generate high temperatures

It is a low-power product and can be completely non-heating (mainly the power consumption and heat part exists in the backlight or LED), while the CRT monitor, because of the imaging technology will inevitably produce high temperatures.

LCD monitor low radiation, good health

The radiation of the LCD is much lower than that of the CRT (only low, not completely without radiation, and the electronic products have more or less radiation), which is a boon for those who work at the computer all day long.

Soft LCD screen does not hurt the eyes

Unlike CRT technology, the liquid crystal display screen does not flicker, it can reduce the eye damage of the monitor, and the eyes are not easily fatigued.

The LCD monitor is green and its energy consumption is simply too small compared to the traditional CRT (17'' power is between 65-12W); noise pollution that gradually attracts people's attention is also not worth it because Its own working characteristics determine that it will not produce noise (for those who like to use a computer, while the rhythm of the user's noise emitted by the display, not to be considered here); LCD has a plus is the heat comparison Low, long-term use will not have the feeling of heat, this is also unmatched in the previous display, the previous display is valuable, especially in the summer, home air conditioning, fans have to serve it to cool it. The use of liquid crystal displays virtually cools the atmosphere and contributes to preventing the rising temperature. At the same time reduce radiation and reduce environmental pollution. Of course, environmental protection will not reduce the index of radiation, although we cannot say that LCD monitors have no radiation at all, but compared to large radiation CRTs and the radiation of everyday home appliances, the little radiation of LCD monitors is negligible. 

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