What causes the LCD display fuzzy?

- Feb 11, 2018 -

Today, talked about some of the issues related to the LCD display, presumably we will not be very strange. When using the product, there will certainly be some problems. When it comes to here, it does not matter if the problem is solved. The most important thing is to solve this problem. Here's a look at the display screen blur is a common problem caused by the fuzzy display can be divided into three categories: display configuration problems, external link cable problems and host graphics issues. Here's how I Xiaobian how to analyze and solve this problem.

1, an external laptop: laptop external monitor, which has portability, but also to experience the big screen. At the same time this external is also beneficial to their own body, after all, play a little notebook to tilt down, for a long time, the cervical spine is not good. Appear on the external fuzzy, most are outside the wiring problems, only a small may be the two are not accommodating, this also reminds users, if the external monitor is prepared, it is best to go to the store with a notebook personally try, Avoid unnecessary trouble. The monitor is also very likely to be caused by the user's own external wiring, in the fuzzy appearance is the wiring you want to check a certain place, if it is determined that the external wiring caused by the display fuzzy, then the user simply replace a good External wiring can be, you do not have to directly suspect the monitor itself has a problem.

2, the display configuration: Each LCD has its own best resolution, resolution is not the best, the monitor will naturally be blurred. Most users out of habit, regardless of their display is widescreen or screen, the resolution is set to 1024X768 and 1280X1024, the result is naturally the display fuzzy, water ripples and other issues. Solve this problem is very simple, just adjust the display resolution to the monitor the best resolution can be. If the display of analog signal recognition is wrong, there will be blurred screen, the fuzzy severity varies depending on the monitor and the host, then adjust the resolution of the method will not work. The way to solve it is also very simple, just AUTO or reset it.

3, the external link line: causing the display fuzzy may also be an external cable. General monitor and host cable between the VGA cable, DVI cable and HDMI first, in addition to the unusual DP line. Their price is very cheap, but no one dared to say that the quality of the line is no problem, if the quality of the line to buy poor, then the monitor appears fuzzy but normal.

4, the host graphics: If the above conditions are normal, but the display is still fuzzy, then the user can see is not caused by the host graphics card fuzzy. This situation is generally no matter what you change for the monitor, the screen is still blurred. On this issue, you can open the chassis to see if the card is plugged in, by the way to see if other cards are plugged in. If you do not work, you have to consider whether it is a video card problem.

However, I have seen Xiaobian in some small brands of barebones, their motherboard is specially made, the alignment is not added, the signal source is disturbed, so that the monitor does not work. The face of the mainframe graphics card, up is replaced by a video card, on the small brand barebones can basically give up, it is strongly recommended not to buy a small brand barebone of the machine, maintenance difficulties, the face of these problems sometimes repair is white repair.

Speaking so much influence on the LCD display fuzzy reasons, are mentioned manual to be able to repair a good fault, but if the above reasons there is no way to solve the LCD display fuzzy, the worst plan is the display of its own fault It is best to take over the maintenance! This will be much better. In the end, Xiaobian hope so much can be mentioned above to help everyone!

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