What is a liquid crystal display screen

- May 24, 2018 -


Liquid crystal display (LCD), referred to as LCD in short, is Liquid Crystal Display. It belongs to a flat panel display. Screen display for TV and computer. The display has the advantages of low power consumption, small volume and low radiation.

The liquid crystal display uses two liquid crystal solutions in the polarizing material, so that the crystal can be rearranged to achieve the imaging purpose when the current passes through the liquid.

Liquid crystal display (LCD) is used as a display type for digital clocks and many portable computers. LCD shows two polarizing materials and a liquid crystal solution between them. When the current passes through the liquid, the crystal will be rearranged so that light can not penetrate them. Therefore, each crystal is like a shutter, which allows light to pass through and block light. Liquid crystal display (LCD) technology and information products are developing towards light, thin, short and small targets. The display products with a long history around the computer are of course no exception. The traditional display mode, such as the CRT image tube display and the LED display board, can not reach the actual needs of the user, such as the oversize of the volume or the huge power consumption. And the development of liquid crystal display technology coincided with the current trend of information products, whether it is right angle display, low consumption of electricity, small volume, or zero radiation, and so on, can allow users to enjoy the best visual environment.

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