What is a TFT-LCD module?

- Jul 20, 2018 -

Due to its thin thickness and excellent picture quality, tft-lcd can achieve high speed, high brightness and high contrast display of information, and has been widely used in image display systems. Although tft-lcd has good display performance, the drive signal of tft-lcd is very complicated, and the amount of data that the peripheral control unit needs to process is very large. Take a color tft-lcd with a resolution of 640×480 as an example to display A color image needs to process 900kbytes of data, which is powerless for processors such as traditional microcontrollers. Due to the large amount of image data, most of the current images are compressed and stored, and the compressed image in the jpeg (joint photographicexperts group) format is the most widely used.

The tft-lcd module input data interface has three types (1), ttl/cmos interface (2), ldi interface (3), dvi interface.

What is a TFT-LCD module?

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