What is LCD1602

- Sep 13, 2018 -

What is LCD1602

The LCD1602 is an industrial character LCD that can display 16x02 or 32 characters at the same time. LCD1602 liquid crystal display principle is to use the physical characteristics of liquid crystal, through the voltage to control its display area, that is, can display the map

Industrial character LCD, which can display 16x02 or 32 characters at the same time. (16 columns and 2 rows)

Note: For the convenience of presentation, the following will indicate a high level with 1 and a low level for 0.

1602 liquid crystal is also called 1602 character type liquid crystal, which is a dot matrix type liquid crystal module specially used for displaying letters, numbers, symbols and the like. It consists of several 5X7 or 5X11 dot matrix characters. Each dot character can display one character. There is a dot interval between each bit. There is also a gap between each line, which plays the character spacing and line. The effect of the spacing, because of this, it does not display graphics well (using custom CGRAM, the display is not good).

1602LCD means that the displayed content is 16X2, that is, it can display two lines of 16-character LCD modules (display characters and numbers).

Most of the character LCDs on the market are based on the HD44780 liquid crystal chip, and the control principle is completely the same. Therefore, the control program written based on HD44780 can be conveniently applied to most character liquid crystals on the market.

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