What is TFT?

- May 08, 2018 -

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) is an abbreviation for Thin Film Transistor. TFT-type  display screens are mainstream display devices on various types of  notebook computers and desktop computers. Each liquid crystal pixel on  the display screen is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind  the pixel. Therefore, the TFT-type display screen is also a type of Active matrix liquid crystal display device. Is  one of the best LCD color display, TFT-type display has the advantages  of high responsivity, high brightness, high contrast, and its display  effect is close to CRT-type display.
At the  same time, TFT-type screens are also commonly used in mid-to-high-end  color screen mobile phones, with a total of 65,536 colors, 160,000  colors and 16 million colors. The display effect is very good.
TFT means that each liquid crystal pixel on the liquid crystal display is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind it. Thus,  high-speed, high-brightness, high-contrast display screen information  can be achieved, and a TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal  Display) is one type of most liquid crystal displays.

TFT display

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