What is the LCD display black and white response time?

- Feb 11, 2018 -

We understand the LCD display screen will certainly have a lot of knowledge we need to understand, and today, Xiaobian to introduce you to the black and white LCD display under the response time is one thing, we must take a good look The following is how to explain what is the LCD display black and white response time. So everyone can probably understand the LCD display black-and-white response time is one thing. Let's take a look.

Black and white response time is the liquid crystal display (liquid crystal display) each pixel response speed of the input signal, that is, the pixels from dark to light or light to dark the time required (the principle is to apply voltage within the liquid crystal molecules, liquid crystal molecules Reverse and reply). Often say 25ms, 16ms refers to the response time, the response time is shorter, the user will not see the dynamic picture when there is no sense of dragging the tail shadow. Generally, the black-and-white response time is divided into two parts: the Rise time and the Fall time, and the expression is based on the sum of both.

Once there is data that shows: Response time 30 ms = 1 / 0.030 = Display can display 33 frames per second, which is already sufficient to meet the needs of DVD playback; Response time 25 ms = 1 / 0.025 = Every second the display can display 40 Frame images, fully meet the needs of DVD playback and most of the games; and play the kind of intense action games (such as QUAKEIII, UT2003, DOMMIII), speed chase game to reach no ghosting words, the required screen display speed Must be more than 60 frames per second, that is, the required response time = 1 / per second the display can display 60 frames = 16.6 milliseconds.

CRT monitors, as long as the electron beam hit the phosphor can immediately glow, while the glow residual time is very short, so the traditional CRT display response time of only 1 ~ 3ms. Therefore, the response time is generally not mentioned in CRT displays. The liquid crystal display is the use of liquid crystal molecules to reverse the control of light on and off, and the liquid crystal molecules require a twist, so the response time of the LCD display display is significantly longer than the CRT.

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