Why the surface of the LCD display when the color is different?

- Feb 11, 2018 -

Now in the electronics industry will be a lot of new products, LCD display in many electronic products have a good role. In many places will be widely used today to talk about the color of the surface of the LCD display when working on the knowledge of the point, explain why the LCD display when the surface color is different?

We certainly know the color of the LCD display is not working when the industry called the background color, we use the LCD monitor, the middle part is two closed glass, glass is sealed up things is the LCD. LCD in the case of applied voltage deflection occurs, which distorted the angle of the transmitted light, to achieve the purpose of displaying images. However, the transmitted light distorted by the liquid crystal can not be seen directly with the naked eye. Therefore, a layer of material called a polarizer is attached on the upper and lower sides of the glass. The purpose of this material is to image the distorted light to Make transmitted light visible to the human eye.

Currently a lot of color TFT with a new imaging technology, many screens are only attached to the polarizer, and the use of color matrix layer in the glass to cancel the next polarizer. Different brands, different types of reason why there will be a different background, because the design of the twisted LCD angle and the polarization angle of the polarizer, resulting in light polarized differential display caused.

The choice of polarizer according to the LCD after the voltage plus the actual twist angle to match, and the upper and lower polarizer will have different angles to match the perspective of the liquid crystal, if the angle is not properly selected, the LCD display will be distorted. As for the difference in the color of the LCD display when the power is off, it is also because the polarizers at different angles on the upper and lower layers refract light. If there are two polarizers, just overlap them and then reverse their overlapping angles respectively. The color will also vary depending on your angle of rotation. This is the principle of polarized display.

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