Advertising Machines And LCD Display, LCD TVs Difference

- Feb 11, 2018 -

With the continuous expansion of the scope of application, LCD advertising began to infiltrate people's lives in all aspects. However, in the actual purchase, many industry users still can not clearly determine the difference between LCD advertising machines, LCD display and LCD TVs, so that when the purchase has caused no small difficulty. What is the difference between them? This article will give you one by one answer.

First, the use of environmental stability than ordinary LCD products

Ordinary liquid crystal displays, LCD TVs are used in a small space, such as home, living room, etc., so the use of the environment is relatively stable and clean, temperature and humidity control is more reasonable. The advertising machine belongs to the outdoor multimedia information publishing equipment, most of them appear in the crowded public places, so the use of the environment are very unstable. Therefore, in the design, the use of advertising machine environment than LCD display, LCD TVs more stable.

Second, the play time is higher than the LCD / TV

LCD advertising machine, vertical advertising machine, touch advertising machine and a series of advertising machine for a long time to use, and LCD display, LCD TVs and other products are very different. Advertising machine to run 24 hours a day, this is not the same computer, server. In the display panel type, the two are basically the same, but in terms of heat dissipation, advertising machine functions stronger than LCD display, LCD TVs and other household products, because the advertising machine requires long-term operation, so the heat sink and other special needs.

Third, brightness, higher than ordinary LCD products

As most of the LCD advertising machine appears in public places, ambient light is very bright, so the brightness, you must meet the light placed environment, and liquid crystal displays, LCD TV's display brightness only needs to meet the needs of the human eye. Therefore, brightness is also a major advertising machine features.

Fourth, show the area, very different

Whether it is a liquid crystal display or LCD TV, display area and display share have industry standards. For example, liquid crystal display dimensions are 32 inches, 37 inches, 40 inches, 42 inches, 46 inches, etc .; while the share of the show are manipulated at 4: 3,16: 9 and 16:10, the special share does not usually appear. In this block, advertising is not the same. In order to meet the needs of public places for special presentations, the advertising machine has a non-standard appearance of goods, with rectangular, square, T-shaped and so on. Therefore, there is a special need to develop the advertising machine, usually more expensive than the general assembly line products.

Fifth, advertising machine special use, need to add equipment

Advertising machine has audio and video playback capabilities, unlimited content advertising, so in order to complete the display of advertisements, there will be many rated hardware support, including advertising equipment for special equipment. There are many advertising machine manufacturers to complete the large display area, higher resolution, LCD splicing and other skills will be used to complete the use of stitching will have the appropriate hardware support and software support.

Six, interface planning, there are differences.

In the civilian display, usually only three kinds of interfaces, VGA, DVI and HDMI, DP interface is relatively rare; BNC interface in industrial applications will be of special use. In the television, focusing on the diversity of interfaces, to connect more audio-visual equipment, the largest number of interfaces, the largest number.

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