How Should A Liquid Crystal Display Be Maintained?

- Jun 13, 2018 -


This should be said to be a simple fault. There are two kinds of power inside and outside the extension.

Flower screen or white screen

Generally, the driving voltage of the screen is a problem. If the drive circuit of the screen is on the main board, it should be the fault of the main board. If the drive circuit of the screen is on the LCD screen, the liquid crystal screen should be changed in general, the risk of maintenance is very large, and the general maintenance price is about 25% of the new screen.

The power supply caused by the main board CPU does not start

This part of the principle is relatively simple, that is, through the keypad to CPU, and then through the CPU output a control signal to drive the power transformation IC.

A screen bright line or a dark line

Generally, it is the failure of the LCD screen. The fault of light line is usually the problem of connecting the LCD screen. The dark line is generally the liquid crystal screen has leakage of the body, the above two problems are basically the death penalty for the machine, no maintenance value, the general maintenance price is to buy a new screen of 30-40%, not worth.

The display is not lit, but the power indicator is always on.

In general, it is caused by abnormal high voltage. It is the action of protecting the circuit. In this case, the general LCD screen is displayed, and the method is "squint". In general, the problems with the old machine are the step-up transformer and the lamp tube.


Generally, it can enter into the maintenance adjustment mode for adjustment. If not, there may be a problem on the motherboard.

Other relatively rare failures

Different modes of operation, liquid crystal display may have interference, most of which are normal phenomena, and a few are brought about by the circuit. Because of the special production process of LCD, the problem that can be detected only in standard working mode can be regarded as a failure.


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