How To Choose LCD Display

- Aug 30, 2018 -


How to choose LCD display

First of all, pay attention to the viewing angle of the LCD screen, which is one of the most important indicators of LCD displays. When the user purchases, it can be measured by standing at different angles. When the picture is dark, the color changes, the content is blurred, etc., it indicates that it has exceeded its viewing angle. In general, a single-use display does not need to have a large viewing angle, and generally 120 degrees is sufficient.

Another important indicator for purchasing an LCD display is the response time of the LCD display, which is different from a normal CRT display. The response time of a liquid crystal display refers to the speed at which each pixel of the display reacts to the input signal. The smaller the response time, the less the image smearing occurs when the moving picture is displayed. Because the human eye responds to the image for about 40ms, the user must choose a response time of less than 40ms when purchasing the LCD monitor, so that when playing games such as QUAKE, there will be a pleasing picture. It can also be viewed by playing an image with fast motion (such as FLASH animation), as long as there is no tailing phenomenon.

It is also worth mentioning that the brightness and contrast of the LCD display are also very important. First of all, in its adjustment menu, you can see the maximum value. Generally speaking, 140 lumens per square meter is enough. Of course, some manufacturers have some gaps between the parameter standards and the actual standards. Users can brighten the light on the spot, or open the menu of the LCD monitor to see what the current brightness and contrast are. If it is only about half, it means it. There is still a lot of room for adjustment, even if the light is brighter, the image display is no problem. Here to explain, some small-size LCD monitors have been used in notebook computers, and they are adjusted by two lights, so their brightness and contrast are not very good.

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