How To Maintain The LCD Display

- Feb 11, 2018 -

We know that now the LCD display market has completely replaced the CRT has become the mainstream, and even our family to see the TV is a large screen LCD display. And the relative price allows us ordinary people to afford affordable, I believe a lot of friends have bought their favorite section. And after the purchase we often ignore how to care, so that the life of the display greatly reduced, then we talk about how to use and maintain the monitor?

Monitor the working voltage is generally AC 100 ~ 240V. Use, you must have good contact, to choose to be able to provide more than 5A power outlet, the monitor is best not to and television sets, refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, audio and other high-power or high magnetic field household appliances together, otherwise it is very easy to cause the monitor magnetization.

How to maintain the LCD display monitor? We know that no matter what the impact of dust on electronic products is the most important, because the voltage inside the monitor is relatively high, easy to attract the dust in the air, and sometimes affected by environmental humidity, when the monitor is placed in a dusty or dusty environment, which When the high-pressure board to absorb the dust on the board will gather moisture in the air on the circuit board, resulting in poor display of circuit components and heat damage, there is serious can cause circuit board short circuit. So try not to put the monitor in a damp place, if moisture has entered the LCD display, it must be placed in a warmer place, in order to allow the water to evaporate.

In fact, dust everywhere, we can not see or touch, we can not prevent, only how to maintain. When cleaning the LCD display, it is best not to use alcohol to wipe, because alcohol will corrode the coating, causing permanent damage to your LCD display screen. The real scientific approach is to buy a lens-specific lens paper, tear off a little dip after drinking a little pure water, but the market has a clean display, such as cleaning three-piece, foam cleaner and many more.

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