LCD Display Can Make The Picture Look More Clear

- Feb 11, 2018 -

LCD display can make the picture look more clear, more layered. However, the LCD display setting is also one of the easiest people to "go astray" because most people take it for granted that LCD display settings should be as high as possible, but in fact it does not, because when you're over LCD display to enhance the contrast, will result in the details of the screen to lose the details and color cast, and the higher the contrast, the more serious this situation.

LCD display how much the right

One of the reasons is that when the contrast is also enhanced to enhance the brightness, but now the LCD brightness / contrast balance control is not in place, which led to the above situation. So for the contrast setting, but also need to be over. Understanding Brightness Contrast adjustment helps us make better use of the display, such as reducing the brightness when we need lower overall black brightness, and adjusting the LCD display to suit the environment and programming needs.

That how the LCD display modulation maximum state, and to ensure that no detail is lost picture? The easiest way is to look at the picture to determine, find a picture you are familiar with (brighter), this time to enhance the display contrast, when the details of the bright part of the picture began to vaguely disappeared, this time should not continue Enhance the contrast indicator. General LCD display is around 60 is the best.

LCD display adjustment tips

LCD display settings and the user's personal senses related to different, there is no absolute best value, according to their own habits to set the use of. For different environments and needs, in order to reduce eye fatigue and protect eyesight. Let's take a look at LCD display adjustment techniques.

1. Night use and turn off the lights: the surrounding environment is very dark, if you set the value is relatively high, will feel particularly dazzling, then the need to lower the brightness and contrast to soften the screen display some.

2. Daytime use of the monitor: light around the day enough, then if you set the brightness value is very low, the eyes will look tired, the brightness value should be adjusted to greater than or equal to the ambient brightness.

3. Working with the monitor: Many workers use the monitor for a long time and not fixed, the screen will not have too much light and shade changes, you should not set a high value, the brightness is recommended to set between 40-60, the contrast is recommended to set the Between 60-80. For the more sensitive user brightness, but also lower than the above values.

4. Live entertainment use monitor: like surfing the user, the brightness is recommended to set between 40-60, the contrast is recommended to set between 60-80; like to play games, watch movies, brightness and contrast is recommended to set the 80- 100, so as to better show the color effect of the picture.

Conclusion: LCD display is an important parameter, at a reasonable brightness value, the higher the contrast of the LCD display, the more it can display the color level. The above is Xiaobian LCD display to bring you today how much the right contrast, as well as some regulatory tips, I hope everyone will be helpful.

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