LCD Display Conductive Glass Specific Indicators Have?

- Feb 11, 2018 -

Conductive glass LCD display indicators are as follows:

① light transmittance is good. The general requirement is more than 85%; on the other hand, it is required that the light interference color is uniform and the non-uniformity is less than 10%;

② box resistance is small. Film resistivity commonly used to represent the box resistance, ()

For low-grade TN products, the sheet resistance of the ITO film is required to be 100 to 30 (Ω / port), and the corresponding film thickness is 200 to 300 A; for the STN product, the R port of the ITO film is less than 10 Ω / / Mouth; for SVGA is 3-5Ω / mouth), the corresponding film thickness of 1000-2000Ao Obviously, although the ITO layer thickness can reduce the R port, but the light transmittance must also be worse, so control the ITO film manufacturing process Its small resistivity is the most critical.

③ good flatness. Flatness refers to the extent of the glass surface in a certain length of the extent of the ups and downs, with h / L said, where the length of the pill L is the highest and lowest surface area of the difference between the L value.

As the thickness of the liquid crystal layer is only about 10μm, the unevenness of the substrate affects the thickness of the liquid crystal layer unevenly, so it has a direct impact on the quality of the liquid crystal display.

The flatness of the ITO glass substrate includes glass surface roughness, surface waviness, substrate warpage; substrate parallelism and ITO film surface roughness, film thickness uniformity.

The thickness of the glass used for the liquid crystal cell is generally from 0.3 to 1.1 mm in shale float glass and less than 0.15 μm / 20 mm for 1.1 mm thick for TN-LCD display. For flatness of 0.7 mm Degree less than 0.2μm / 20mm, resistance less than 15% of soil heterogeneity, allowing a small organic defects. For high-end STN-LCD display, the glass to be polished, the required flatness less than 0.075-0.05μm / mm, resistance less than ± 10%. No defects 

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