LCD Display How To Repair A Bad Spot?

- Feb 11, 2018 -

Today's display has two main types: LED display, LCD display. LED display longer life, do not worry too much about the emergence of the screen dead pixels, and long-term use of the LCD screen if carefully observed, the user can find some small dots above the screen, that is, we often say bad point. Even if we do not pursue perfection, the existence of this little bit also makes us worried, is there any way to fix the dead pixel? Please see below to understand the dot matrix LCD repair methods.

LCD screen bad reason:

Due to the production defect of the liquid crystal panel, it is a common problem that the liquid crystal display screen has a dead pixel. The liquid crystal screen is made up of many dots, and each dot is changed continuously by the RGB primary color pixels to form a color and an image. But when the pixel problems, so that the color can not change, it formed a dead pixel. Dead pixels are usually divided into several, if it is a bright color, then the point of the pixel just stuck, we can repair such dead pixels. But if it is dark and dark, it means that the point completely broken, even if the repair is invalid. If you are a new user to buy the product and found more dead pixels, then it is best to immediately find manufacturers to exchange. However, to note that some manufacturers do not pay for a small amount of dead pixels, such as some LCD displays, if the dead pixels in less than 3 words, it will not be replaced for the user.

Marker pen extrusion repair screen dead pixels:

Turn on the computer and the monitor and set the screen to a solid black color (or any other solid color contrasting with the dead pixel color) so that the highlights are at a glance. Find cap is a sleek pen, pen cap gently pressed against the bright spot, then you can see the white light, if not, you can slightly increase the intensity. After about 5 to 10 squeeze, the liquid crystal inside the display will flow, allowing the stuck pixels to return to normal and the bright spots disappear.

Gently squeeze the bad point with a cap will have a certain effect

Hot towel repair screen dead pixels:

The use of cap squeeze the LCD screen, the user may be too hard on the screen damage, if the power is not accurate, we can also use the more secure hot towel heating method to fix the bright spots. Soak the towel in hot water, heat it with water if possible, until it bubbles at the bottom. Remove the towel and wipe it with insulated gloves. The hot towels in plastic bags on a bright screen, try to ensure that the heat is concentrated in bright spots, heat 10 minutes or so, making the liquid crystal display inside the heated flow, so that bright spots disappear.

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