Note The Following When Using The LCD Module

- Feb 11, 2018 -

LCD module is the liquid crystal device and control, drive circuit and circuit board PCB assembly together. He can connect directly with the computer. When using this module, in addition to attention should be paid attention to the general use of liquid crystal display devices, but also in the assembly, the use of note the following:

Deal with the protective film

Installed in the finished module LCD module has a protective film on the surface in order to prevent tarnishing the surface assembly. Do not remove the machine before the end of assembly to avoid staining or tarnishing the display surface.

Install liner

In the module and the front panel is best to install about a liner about 0.1MM. Panel should also be kept absolutely flat. , A guarantee does not produce twisting force after assembly. And improve the seismic performance.

Prevent static electricity

Module in the control of the drive circuit is low voltage, micro-power CMOS circuits, vulnerable to electrostatic breakdown, and the human body can sometimes produce up to several tens of volts or hundreds of volts high voltage static electricity, so in the operation, assembly, and use Be careful, to prevent static electricity. to this end:

1) Do not touch the outer leads, circuit board and metal frame on the circuit board.

2) If direct contact is required, keep the same potential of a human body module or a good grounding of the human body.

3) The electric soldering iron used for welding must be well grounded without leakage.

4) The operation of the electric tools such as the cone must be well grounded, there is no leakage.

5) Do not use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning. Because it produces strong static electricity.

6) The air is dry, will also produce static electricity, therefore, the working room humidity should be above RH60%.

7) The ground, table, chairs, shelves, trolleys and tools should be in contact with the resistance to maintain the same potential, otherwise it will produce static electricity.

8) Remove or replace the bag or move the location, but also extraordinarily careful not to generate static electricity. Do not change or discard the original packaging.

Electrostatic breakdown is a kind of irreparable damage, be sure to pay attention to, can not be done.

Precautions during assembly operation.

The module is carefully designed and assembled, please do not arbitrarily self-processing, trimming.

1) Do not distort the metal frame, disassembly.

2) Do not arbitrarily modify the processing PCB board shape, assembly holes, lines and components.

3) Do not modify the conductive tape.

4) Do not modify any internal bracket.

5) Do not touch, throw, bend, twist the module.

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