What Are The Classification And Characteristics Of LCD?

- Jun 25, 2018 -


TFD LCD screen

TFD is the abbreviation of "Thin Film Diode". Because TFT LCD screen consumes more power and costs more, which greatly increases the cost of the product, EPSON developed the TFD technology specifically for mobile phone screens. It is also active. The matrix LCD screen, each pixel on the LCD is equipped with a separate diode, each pixel can be individually controlled so that each pixel does not affect each other, which can significantly improve the resolution, can be without smearing The display of dynamic images and brilliant colors.

In terms of performance, TFD LCD screen takes into account the advantages of TFT LCD screen and STN LCD screen. TFD LCD screen is brighter than STN LCD screen, and the color is more vivid. At the same time, it is more energy-efficient than TFT LCD screen, but in color and The brightness is still inferior to the TFT LCD.

OLED LCD screen

OLED is the abbreviation of “Organic Light Emitting Display”. It is also called organic light-emitting display. It uses organic light-emitting technology. This is the latest display technology. OLED display technology differs from traditional liquid crystal display methods in that it does not require backlight. Instead, a very thin coating of organic material and a glass substrate are used. When an electric current passes through, these organic materials emit light, so its viewing angle is large, and the contents of the screen can be seen from all directions and can be done. It is very thin, and the OLED display can significantly save energy, known as the "Dream Monitor."

However, OLED is not without its disadvantages. Because it is still an immature technology, its service life is still relatively short at present, and its screen area is also small.

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