What Is A Car Monitor?

- Jul 09, 2018 -


The car display is an important part of the car audio and video system. Its function is equivalent to the color TV in the home theater. It can receive the car audio and video signals and play back on the display. At the same time, it can be used in the car's similar sports tools. Used in sports.

In addition to playing programs, car displays often have other functions. For example, when the car camera is connected, the scene behind the car can be automatically displayed when reversing, which is convenient for reversing; in addition, other additional functions such as small speakers and small lights may be provided. Due to the relatively small space inside the car, the environment in which the car is moving is more varied. Therefore, the car display device may also have functions such as automatic backlight adjustment, anti-glare, and automatic angle adjustment to adapt to the particularity of the car.

Car monitor purchase attention

1. It is better to hang the "screen source" screen quality according to the giving factor.

2. The display color can be divided into two display modes: TFT (true color) and STN (pseudo color). The true color mode display is bright and realistic, with a wide viewing angle. On the contrary, the pseudo-color mode is very dim and the viewing angle is narrow.

3. Look at the definition, the display of the domestic display basically can not see the pixel index, you can flip the display through different angles to observe its clarity.

4. Compare the thickness of the display. A good display is thinner and thicker.

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