What Is A Digital LCD Display?

- Jul 18, 2018 -

A digital liquid crystal display is a display that receives and processes digital signals. As an advanced display type, it is showing an accelerating development trend. The advancement of digital display is first reflected in the fidelity of the signal. In the process of transmission, the loss of digital signal is almost zero, so the display effect of the digital display is more realistic. Secondly, the digital display has a single mode loop structure. The system is simpler and more reliable. Thirdly, there is no visible scanning line interference in the digital display, so it can display clearer moving images, games, photos, etc., and can obtain the high level image effect required for graphic operations. At the same time, digital displays can more effectively achieve performance directly related to display effects, such as color correction, skin color compensation, color recalibration and so on. The current digital display is not an absolute digital display. It can accept and process both digital and analog signals, so it has the characteristics of three displays.

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