What Is A Liquid Crystal Display Module

- Jun 26, 2018 -


The liquid crystal display module is a component that integrates a liquid crystal display device, a connector, an integrated circuit, a PCB circuit board, a backlight source, and a structural element. The English name is LCD Module, which is abbreviated as LCM, and Chinese is generally called a liquid crystal display module. In fact it is a commercialized component. According to China's relevant national standards, only inseparable integrated components are called modules, and detachable components are called components. So the normative name should be called the LCD component. However, people have long been accustomed to calling it a module.

The liquid crystal display device is a high-tech basic component. Although its application is widely used, it is still difficult for many people to use and assemble. In particular, dot matrix type liquid crystal display devices, the user is even more likely to feel no way to start. Special connection methods and special equipment required are also not understood and possessed by everyone. Therefore, users of liquid crystal display devices expect someone to do the work and bring liquid crystal display devices together. The control and driver ICs are assembled together to form a functional component that the user can assemble into a complete system using only traditional processes.

Broadly speaking, all parts that are assembled together by liquid crystal display devices and integrated circuits belong to the module, but in fact the key to the modules we often refer to is the dot matrix LCD module assembled by dot matrix LCD devices, especially because it is The liquid crystal display device array products in addition to some special large quantities of some varieties (such as translators, communications), the manufacturer is directly to the user to supply liquid crystal display devices, almost all general-purpose dot matrix LCD display devices are processed into modules Only to provide users, so it is easy to form a liquid crystal module is a misunderstanding of the dot matrix LCD module.

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