What Is The Principle Of Liquid Crystal Display

- Jun 12, 2018 -


The physical properties of liquid crystals are the physical properties of the liquid crystal: when the electricity is connected, the arrangement is orderly and the light is easy to pass through; it is arranged in chaos and prevents the light from passing through. Allow liquid crystal to obstruct or allow light to penetrate. Technically speaking, the LCD panel contains two very delicate sodium free glass materials, called Substrates, sandwiched with a liquid crystal in the middle. When the beam passes through this layer of liquid crystal, the liquid crystal itself will row or stand in an irregular shape, thus obstructing or passing the beam smoothly. Most liquid crystals are organic complexes consisting of long rod like molecules. Under natural conditions, the long axis of these rod molecules is approximately parallel. When the liquid crystal is poured into a well processed slotting plane, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged in the groove, so if the slots are very parallel, the molecules are completely parallel.

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