What Is The Technical Module Of The LCD Module

- Jun 29, 2018 -


(1). Counting module

This is a counter display assembly composed of seven bits of a liquid crystal display device and a decoding driver of different numbers, or a counter. It has the ability to record, process, and display numbers. The main products that can be seen on the market today are the display modules of the liquid crystal display devices driven by the CD4055 decoder driver, and the integrated circuits formed by the ICM7211, ICM7231, ICM7232, CDl4543, UPDl45001, HD44100 and the corresponding supporting liquid crystal display devices. 4 bit, 6 bit, 8 bit, 10 bit, 12 bit, 16 bit count modules. The following points must be observed when selecting this type of counting module:

Clear function: Although both are called "counting modules", most of them cannot be counted directly. Some of their input ports are only BCD code interface forms, some are BCD codes plus select end input interfaces, others are interface formats that can be directly connected to serial and parallel ports, etc., for example, calculation or recording is required. Serial numbers must also be configured with corresponding circuits. Of course, there are also products that have a counting circuit equipped on the module.

Look for the structure: The liquid crystal display device has different installation methods and installation structures. Therefore, in the selection, pay attention to its structural characteristics, in general, this counting module is mostly composed of zebra conductive rubber strips, plastic (or metal) pressure frame and PCB board to integrate the liquid crystal display device and integrated circuit. The external lead ends have several kinds of solder joints, pins, and circuit board pins.

Pay attention to power supply: A device should use a unified power supply as much as possible. The common liquid crystal display device count module has a single power supply type and a dual power supply type, and has different specifications such as 5V and 9V.

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