Why Is LCD Liquid Crystal Display Exposure So Important?

- Aug 02, 2018 -

The specific introduction of LCD liquid crystal display exposure is as follows:

LCD liquid crystal display exposure is to cover the reticle on the surface of the photoresist coated glass, selective irradiation by ultraviolet light, chemical reaction of the photoresist in the lighted part, changing the solubility of this part of the film in the developer. After development, the photoresist film exhibits a pattern corresponding to the reticle. The general exposure operation process is as follows: firstly, the ultraviolet light of the exposure machine is turned on for preheating, and after the power supply is stable, the lithographic plate is placed on the frame and the initial alignment is performed by the microscope. It is required that the mark on both sides of the lithography plate coincide with the "+" word line of the microscope and then lock the fixed plate clamp. The initial adjusted frame pattern is placed face down on the exposure machine frame, and a glass coated with photoresist is taken. Place it on the exposure platform and position it with the locating pin. Exposure experiment, the exposed glass is removed by development, and when the glass and the alignment accuracy of 3.0 mm are not met under the microscope, the alignment mark of the plate is satisfied by adjusting the platform positioning pin, and the exposure positioning mark is large, the exposure time and The selection of the exposure intensity is determined according to factors such as the quality of the plate, the properties of the photoresist, the strength of the light source, and the light source to the ITO glass. Generally, the exposure condition is determined by performing a test piece after the development to check the graphic effect. If the exposure time is too short, the photoresist is insufficiently sensitized, the chemical reaction is insufficient, and the light-receiving portion is not completely dissolved during development, and the underlying film is easily left; the exposure time is too long, and the edge of the exposed portion is not weakly sensitized, and the pattern boundary after etching Blurred, fine lines are severely deformed. In order to ensure the quality of the exposure, the following points should be noted in the operation.

LCD screen

1.LCD liquid crystal display reticle should be strictly checked before the machine, because the product made by the defect if there is a defect will also have defects, especially the version of the pollution, scratches and so on.

2.LCD liquid crystal display exposure positioning must be accurate, otherwise the post process can not be processed.

3. In operation, the plate and the LCD panel glass should be handled lightly.

4.LCD liquid crystal display photoresist glass is placed for too long (such as more than one day) or has been exposed to white light before exposure, that is, the film has failed and can no longer be used as genuine, should be reworked

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