LCD display for Ice Cream Machine

LCD display for Ice Cream Machine

LCD display for IceCream Machine
Screen Size:7.0inches
Display Resolution:800RGB(H)x480(V)
Active Area:154.08 (H) x 85.92 (V)
Outline Dimension:170.08(W) x 103.92(H) x5.525 (D)
Display Mode:Normally white/Transmissive
Pixel Arrangement:RGB-Vertical Stripe
Display Color:16.7M

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Product Details

LCD display for IceCream Machine

1 Description of LCD display for Ice Cream Machine XTPW70NP01-03




Screen Size



Display Resolution



Active Area

154.08 (H) x 85.92 (V)


Outline Dimension

170.08(W) x 103.92(H) x5.525 (D)


Display Mode

Normally white/Transmissive


Pixel Arrangement

RGB-Vertical Stripe


Display Color



Gray scale inversion Direction ion

6 o’clock

Viewing Direction

12 o’clock 


Drive IC

HX8264*1 HX8664*1 or Compatible


Surface luminance

300 cd/㎡



General Description and Features of LCD display for Ice Cream Machine XTPW70NP01-03

XTPW70NP01-03 is the LCD display for Ice Cream Machine.  The resolution of this 7.0" TFT LCD display contains 800RGBx480 dots and can display up to 16.7M colors. The drive IC is HX8264 and its surface   luminance is 300 cd/㎡. It also has capacitive touch panel.

3 Input Terminal Pin Assignment of LCD display for Ice Cream MachineXTPW70NP01-03


4 Dimensional outlines




1.What is LCD response time ?

Response time is the amount of time  a pixel in a LCD takes to go from black to white and back to black again. It is measured in milliseconds (ms). Smaller values represent faster transitions and therefore smooother images.

2.What do the RGB bits represent ?

There are three colors, red, green and blue, in a pixel. The changes of the saturation level of each color combine into a spectrum of colors. The saturation level can be represented by bit. The number of bits represents the power to 2.For example, if there are 8 bits for red, them there are 256 levels of saturation.Therefore, when we have 24 bits in a LCD module for color representations, 8 bits are equally divided to red ,green and blue. In this way, there  can be 16.8millions colors.

3.In-plane switching (IPS)

In-plane switching is to improve on the poor viewing angle and the poor color,reproduction of TN panels at that time. Its name comes from the main difference from TN panels, that the crystal molecules move parallel to the panel plane instead of perpendicular to it.This change reduces the amount of light scaltering in the matrix ,which gives IPS its characteristic wide viewing angles and good color reprpduction.

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