Monitor TFT Module

Monitor TFT Module

Thin-Film-Transistor LCD Module
Screen Size:5.0 inches
Display Resolution:480 x RGB x 272
Active Area:110.88 (H) x 62.83 (V)
Outline Dimension:120.7(W) x 75.8(H) x 4.3 (D)
Display Mode:Normally white/Transmissive
Pixel Arrangement:RGB-Stripe
Surface Treatment:Anti-glare (AG)
TP:Rsistance Touch Panel

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Product Details

Thin-Film-Transistor LCD Module

Model: XTPY50SN03-01

Monitor TFT module

Description of monitor TFT module XTPY50SN03-01




Screen Size

5.0 inches


Display Resolution

480 x RGB x 272


Active Area

110.88 (H) x 62.83 (V)


Outline Dimension

120.7(W) x 75.8(H) x 4.3 (D)


Display Mode

Normally   white/Transmissive


Pixel Arrangement



Surface Treatment

Anti-glare (AG)



Rsistance Touch Panel

Viewing Direction

6 o’clock   


Input Interface






1.General Description and Features of monitor TFT module XTPY50SN03-01

The resolution of this 5" monitor TFT module XTPY50SN03-01 contains 480RGBx272 dots . It supports 24-bit parallel RGB input mode.  This 5” monitor TFT module XTPY50SN03-01 is digital input interface with 230nit backlight brightness.

2 Pin Assignment of monitor TFT module XTPY50SN03-01

2-1  LCM Pin



2-2  RTP  PIN


2-3  Touch  panel  Specifications of monitor TFT module XTPY50SN03-01



3 Opration specifiaction


Power sequence



5 OUTLINE DIMENSION of monitor TFT module XTPY50SN03-01




1.What were the primary design criteria used by TFT for the electronics?

a. Reliability

b. Resistance to the elements found on a fire truck

c. State-of-the-Art microprocessor technology such that units would be software-updatable for user needs

d. Simple to install, minimal wiring

e. Easy to troubleshoot

f. Modular in nature

g. Rich feature set

2. What is it about the design of the electronics that makes it so easy to install?

a. The short answer is RS485. The long answer is that each of the various components of the TFT system are connected by a communications system that

utilizes a standard industrial protocol called RS485. This method allows multiple control points to be connected to the monitor by attaching them in  any sequence to a pair of wires that are routed around the vehicle. This protocolis highly noise immune and very, very reliable.

b. The units are also capable of being used on 12 or 24 volts with no changes whatsoever to the electronics.

3.The TFT system is all microprocessor based, is there a battery used to hold the memory?

a. NO! The types of chips that are used to hold the program are called

EEPROMS or erasable programmable read only memory. Once programmed they hold that

program indefinitely, no batteries are required.

b. The program steps for Oscillate and Stow are also stored in this type of

memory so that the program is not lost when power is removed.

4.TFT has a position display, how does that work and how many can be used  on one monitor?

As many as NEEDED can be attached. Each display has to query the monitor  to obtain its current position. If too many displays are added the display   will start to lag the actual monitor position.



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