3.5 Inch TFT LCD Touchscreen Display Module

3.5 ” TFT Module 3.5 ” TFT Module XTPQ35SN03-01
Screen size:3.5inches
Display resolution:320R(GB)×240(V)
Active Area:70.08(H)×52.56(v)

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Product Details

3.5 TFT Module

3.5 TFT Module XTPQ35SN03-01 

Description of 3.5 inch tft lcd touchscreen display module

Description of 3.5 Inch TFT LCD Touchscreen Display Module.jpg


1.General Description and Features of 3.5 inch tft lcd touchscreen display module .This 3.5” TFT Module XTPQ35SN03-01 has 320 x 240 RGB resolution and uses the NewVision NV3035C single chip digital driver. The 3.5” TFT Module  driver IC supports 16M colors allowing for a range of hues to be displayed and can also support up to 22 different types of input video formats within

RGB, CCIR656, and CCIR601 video formats.Display brilliant colors on the

Displaytech 3.5 inch TFT module!  

2.Mechanical Information of 3.5 inch tft lcd display







Module Size

Horizontal (H)







Vertical (V)







Thickness (T)












Note (1) Not include FPC.

         Refer to the Outline Dimension for further information.

(2) Back-light unit are included.

3.Input Terminal Pin Assignment of 3.5 TFT Module XTPQ35SN03-01 

Input Terminal Pin Assignment of 3.5” TFT Module .jpg

4.Reliability Condition for LCD of 3.5 TFT Module XTPQ35SN03-01 

No change on display and in operation under the following test condition. 

Condition:  Unless otherwise specified, tests will be conducted under the following condition.

Temperature: 20±5°C          Humidity: 65±5%RH

Tests will be not conducted under functioning state.

Reliability Condition for LCD of 3.5” TFT Module.jpg

Notes:  1. No dew condensation to be observed.

2. The function test shall be conducted after 4 hours storage at the normal temperature and humidity after removed from the test chamber. 

3. Vibration test will be conducted to the product itself without putting I in a container.

5.Dimensional outlines

Dimensional outlines of 3.5 Inch TFT LCD Touchscreen Display Module.jpg


1.The 3.5” TFT module is available with a touch screen panel in either resistive (single-finger or stylus pressure) or capacitive (five-finger, multi-gesture) touchscreen technology.

2.What are the applications of 3.5” TFT Module ?

3.5” TFT modules are widely used nowadays.

3.5 inch TFT LCD module is a special design for portable application.

3.5'' TFT panel, TFT LCD module, high resolution for car application.

3.5” TFT module can be used in embedded systems, industrial device, security and hand-held equipment which require display in high quality and colorful


3. What interface does 3.5” TFT Module support ?

It supports RGB interface.

4. What is the 3.5” TFT Module’s connector ?

FPC with ZIF connector is easily to assemble or remove.

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